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Pow Wow

Aboriginal Day Live Pow wow at the Forks National Historical Site

In partnership with Manito Ahbee Festival


Over $6,500 in prizing provided in part by APTN.

Singing Competition 1st 2nd 3rd
First Nations Singers Sons of the Drums White Horse

JUNIOR (6 – 12 years)  1st 2nd 3rd
Girls – Traditional Molly Taylor Presley Meeches
Girls – Jingle Jayden Flett – Roulette Kiara Pagee Victoria Porteous
Girls – Fancy Shawl Dyondrae Desjarlais Denaya Roulette Elisha Berens – Hawkins
Boys – Traditional Harley Bird Leighton Roulette
Boys – Grass Dreyden Flett – Roulette Liam Berens – Hawkins Drayton Perreault
Boys – Fancy Bustle Jazz Mousseau


 TEEN (13 – 17 years) 1st 2nd 3rd
Girls – Traditional Alexia Gabbard Kailey Daniels
Girls – Jingle Clara Bird Amaya Boubard Jaide Thomas
Girls – Fancy Shawl Shyla Boubard Tristina Houle
Boys – Traditional Morley Taylor Dien Parisian
Boys – Grass Dawson Mc Pherson Keith Henry Ian Mc Kenzie
Boys – Fancy Bustle Logan Taylor Wylee Mc Kay


Adult (18 years +) 1st 2nd 3rd
Women – Traditional Marlene Dee Henry Marina Littlejohn Denise Hobson
Women – Jingle Kyla Daniels Shannon Bear Harriet Prince
Women – Fancy Shawl Denise Meeches Chantel Raynard
Men – Traditional Wes Nelson Nick Smith Terry Pasha
Men – Grass Jason Taylor Karupi Da Silva Deon Waukey
Men – Fancy Bustle Hawk Obey Jesse Mc Kay


SPECIALS  1st 2nd 3rd
Adult Women’s 50+ yrs (All Categories) Marlene Henry Denise Hobson Delores Chief – Abigosis
Adult Men’s 50+ yrs (All Categories) Gary Ironstand Sr. Willy Mc Ginnis Terry Pashe


For more information, contact Candice Hart at

Or call the Manito Ahbee office toll free 1.866.449.0251 or (204) 956.1849

Click to download and print the official Aboriginal Day Pow Wow Poster