Aboriginaldaylive.ca Cookies Policy

This Aboriginaldaylive.ca Cookies Policy describes the terms of use by readers of this online resource and discloses what user data the site collects and in what way. Access to this Policy is open to all visitors who have a link to the online resource.

Aboriginaldaylive.ca appreciates ​​the privacy of site visitors and takes all necessary measures to protect their personal data. For this reason, we have written down all the ways we collect personal information, what types of data we collect and for what purposes in this Cookies Policy.

All visitors to this online resource undertake to read the current Policy. If the user continues to use our site, they confirm their consent to the use of personal information and agreement with all the points of this Policy.

Important Information about Minors Data

When providing information regarding online gambling, we adhere to all standards and laws regarding age restrictions. For this reason, we do not provide services and access to our site for persons under the age of majority. If you are under the age of 18, we strongly recommend leaving our site. Additionally, parents of minors are advised to monitor what online resources their children visit in order to avoid further problems.

What Data We Collect and Why

To begin with, all visitor data that our site collects is conditionally classified into personal and non-personal.

Personal Visitor Data and Their Use

While the reason for the collection and use of non-personal data in most cases is to improve the site functions, the personal information of Aboriginaldaylive.ca users is used directly to provide relevant services to the guide readers.

The category of user personal information includes data that reveal various aspects of personal life and is provided by you on a voluntary basis. These data include:

  • User full name and date of birth;
  • E-mail address;
  • Residence address:
  • Cell phone number.

Ways to Collect Personal Information

The process of collecting personal data may take place in the following ways:

  • If the user has subscribed to the newsletter;
  • Filling out the form when leaving feedback on the site;
  • Communicating with experts in online chat.

Data Usage

All data collected during the use of our resource is stored and used for various reasons specified in this Policy. We guarantee this data’s safety and that it will not be distributed to third parties. Lawful uses of your personal data may include the following:

  • Communication with the user. We can use the visitors’ information provided to us earlier or collected by the site directly to communicate with them, to perform our direct duties, in response to the users’ request to our specialists.
  • Posting reviews. If the user has given prior consent, we may use their personal data to publish reviews about our site.
  • Storage of interaction history. Each time a user interacts with Aboriginaldaylive.ca, data is recorded and stored for as long as the user continues to navigate the site.
  • Fixing user preferences. This information allows assessing which sections of the site are more interesting to visitors and which are less interesting. In the future, this will help improve the resource’s functions and make it more useful to the audience.
  • Tracking the user’s actions on the site. We collect statistics about the category of users visiting the site by tracking and capturing IP addresses, cookies and other related technologies.

Like many other online resources, we use cookies in a generally accepted way to track and collect necessary data. Each visitor to the site can refuse to use them, but then the functions will be either limited or completely unavailable.

Non-Personal Visitor Data and Its Usage

In addition to personal data that identifies a user personally, we may also automatically track and collect other information, including:

  • The type of device from which the user accesses our online resource;
  • Functions and technical capabilities of this device;
  • Geographic characteristics, including the location of the device;
  • The identifier of the domain or server used for the Internet connection;
  • Date and time of the resource visit;
  • Information about specific actions and visits to the pages of the site;
  • Other technical data.

Any information about the visitor’s actions on our online resource, including the time and date of the visit, which pages the user visited, what actions they performed, etc., is collected using various technologies and stored in most cases to further optimize the site and improve its performance.

Aboriginaldaylive.ca Use of Cookies

Cookies are one of the simplest and most common ways to collect information regarding the details of visits to the pages of a website. The information collected in this way allows us to more accurately tailor our content to specific visitors’ needs. The main goal of such actions is to improve user access and make our interaction more efficient.

Consent to the Cookies Policy and Updates

Further use of this resource in any way confirms the visitor’s consent to all the clauses of this Cookies Policy and consent to the agreement and processing of all data specified above. The Aboriginaldaylive.ca administration has the right to change, supplement or rewrite the current Cookies Policy at any time. We can do this without first notifying readers of any changes. All changes will automatically take effect immediately after they are published in this section. We recommend checking this Policy for updates from time to time.